Tuesday, November 21, 2006

These Boots are made for...

...fishing! Finally i managed to catch the last rare fish, the one for Nat's boots, i was lacking from the fishing contest. As I won it two times with Thulf already, i went there from time to time after a winner was declared to fish for rare catches. With 352 fishing (without a lure) Thulf is now set for the upcoming fishing challenges in the expansion. On the picture you can see my fishing outfit, the fishing bonuses come from:

Nat Pagle's Extreme Anglin' Boots (Fishing +5)
Lucky Fishing Hat (Fishing +5)
Arcanite Fishing Pole (Fishing +35)
Formula: Enchant Gloves - Fishing (Fishing +2)
High Test Eternium Fishing Line (Fishing +5)

Some of you might have realized how much gold/effort several players invest in their lvl 19 battleground twinks. While i can't understand the satisfaction from "owning" someone with a level 19 char you spend 800g on, i find it highly annoying that they camp the fishing spawns around Zandalar Island to fish for the rare fishes (as those have no level req and give a huge stamina boost). IMO there should be a minimum level for those items.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Twisting Trees

I just saw this video about a dancing treeform druid, which is hillarious. You realize that druids are becoming the best entertainers in WoW? There is also one of the first flight videos, featuring a druid in flight form (the zones where beta players can purchase flying mounts are not open yet). Seeing funny new content makes you feel even more bored in "old" WoW. We need more contests for beta keys... *grins*

What happened during the last two weeks for Thulf? Not much to be honest.. went to some adventure trips into known instances, played my rogue a bit. I did not spend that much time in WoW. There were some raid communities searching for warriors, but either i did not like their raiding days or did not know a single soul in them. Right now I'm not up for putting much effort in raiding before TBC comes out. But you never know.. coming the tempting offer, that tickles my sense for a challenge, I might change my mind. I played around a bit with the upcoming 41 pts talents and am not sure yet if i will go full fury or back to full protection once the patch goes live.

I also had the time to play around with some new mods i started to use:

It's a small but useful mod. One effect is, that it will prevent your AH window being closed by other windows and you can eg. have a look at your friendlist while your AH window is open. In addition it will also block trade requests, etc. while you're standing at the mailbox.

Replaces the standard loot interface with a custom one. Highlights are complete configuration of the loot window behaviour and eg. a small button to link all loot into a certain channel (great if you're masterlooter). There is also an addon which replaces the masterlooter and eg. gives you an automatic random assign function and more. If you want to download it, use the link on the right side as it points directly to the thread with the links to the mods.

Anothertiny mod, which gives you a function to autocomplete names with the tab key while chatting. If some rogue is named Wytryszek, now you can adress him correctly without much hassle. :P

So much for today, see you in Azeroth.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

One Year Totally Blootered!

Unbelievable but true, exactly one year ago i started to write my blog and talk about WoW and the adventures of Thulf on Argent Dawn (EU). Quite a long period, how time flies by. But don't worry, I'll not bore you with a lengthy retrospect. If you want to celebrate with me, send Thulf some booze. :)

During the last days i started to do some major updates to the addons i use. The process is not finished and I'm still tinkering around with some of the new ones and have a handful i would like to try out. I'm thinking of switching a handful of mods to Ace2 compatible ones. Especially as I'm thinking about getting rid of CTRA and use oRA2 instead. The mods i updated so far:

I got rid of Discord UnitFrames. I'm still a believer in the Discord mods however, it's just that i don't need any fancy functions for my units and wanted to try a new look. Ag_UnitFrames is minimalistic enough for my taste, provides easy to switch layouts and is based on Ace2. I like it - hope I'll find the possibility to change some things. I already tweaked the layout to my liking. The mod also provides frames for target and target's target, in addition you can use custom raidframes if you want. A nifty addon for this mod is aUF_RangeCheck, as it dims out players that are not in range.

Elkano's BuffBar
I switched to buffbars from the small icons. Now all buffs/debuffs show as small bars in a list. At the moment they're sorted by time/name, but Pater from Elitist Jerks made some nice suggestions to change the sorting eg. after standard raid buffs first, then blessings and then the rest. As a warrior i would like to have Battleshout on top. If Elkano won't provide an update for the mod, i might hack the changes to the list after Pater's idea myself... if it starts to bug me too much.

Simple Combat Log
Offers a better combat log, by optic and filters. Makes it much easier to crunch some numbers and test things. Or just to know quickly what's going on and why you're dead. ;)

This one replaces my CTRA RaidStatus window. XRaidStatus is much more configurable and I can decide which infos to display, in addition it adds a nice buff-check which can be useful to test if all buffs are applied properly.

Why do i fiddle around with my mods again that much? This has different reasons. One reason is that i realized some mods are real memory/CPU hogs and i would like to tone it down as much as possible. Another reason is to still use a minimalistic interface, but display/access as much info as possible. Last but not least, CTRA is a nice standard raid package for most, but since quite a while now not the best possibility and eg. bossmods like BigWigs are far better. So I'll try to get rid of it completely while not loosing the connection to others that use it and not losing functionality.

So what have i been up during the last days? Well, i worked some more on my DPS gear and got me new rings: Seal of Jin & Band of Earthen Might. In addition i started to work on my CC reputation, as I'd like to access some of the better field duty items, but so far I'm only honored... as i never bothered. I'll also try to join more raids to AQ20, as i decided my warrior would look great with two Sand Polished Hammer. =)
You know Gamon? If you play horde, sure you do.. hes the poor cow in the inn in Ogrimmar everyone is beating on. Would be interesting to see some statistics how often he dies per day. How about being nice to him and take him out for a walk: Gamon Kiting 101. Or how about some intellectual Corpse graffiti?

This post should be worthy of a jubilee, at least from the length... enjoy.