Thursday, November 03, 2005

Be purged by Fire!

So recently we approached Ragnaros for the first time. Weow, what a sight! Fighting Ragnaros, you realize very fast that you need fire resist gear - the whole raid. My own FR gear is already pretty high (unbuffed over 300), not much room for improvements left. But recently i find myself solo farming Lord Incendius (BRD) again. The reason is simple: For one i search for an Ace of Elements and also the Emberplate Armguards of Fire Resistance could not hurt. I currently use of Stamina, which is ok as well, but bracers with 25 FR on them, should be sweet.

To be able to farm him solo, you already need some good FR gear. You enter BRD and go through the door to the left (requires Shadowforge Key or lockpicking higher then 250). Then go around the Fireguard or better kill him. Now you face a large group of dwarves with dogs to the left and right. This is the perfect time to drink a Lesser Invisibility Potion and run past the group on the right side. If you wait for the right moment, you don't even have to fight the dog. If he attacks you, make sure you fight him close to the wall to avoid attracting roaming patrols.

Your next target is the small edge above the group of dwarves across the path. You can run up without aggroing them. Perfect position to watch the large square in front of you. There are some groups that move quite fast. So better watch out. ;)


Make your way through the large dark gate. But BEWARE: There is a patrol behind the doors, every now and then they'll march through the gate. Running into their arms would be tough luck.



On the bridge, hug to the right. You can go around the group on the right side of the bridge and switch back to the middle (to bypass the Fireguards) behind them. Of course we're talking about a char being lvl 60 that is.



In the corridor to Incendius, you only need to fight the last two guards. The others you can just bypass if you stay in the middle.


Now the final fight awaits you... Depending on your gear, you have to help yourself with potions. If your FR gear is not good enough, you most probably have to drink a Greater Fire Protection Potion. Fighting him in FR gear around 300 is quite easy tho. No one said soloing a boss is supposed to be easy... but i think the costs for those potions are quite ok. Time for the whole trip: From entering the instance until dead Incendius is approx. nine minutes. Have fun!


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