Tuesday, November 29, 2005

WoW urban mysteries - Today: Cuergo's Gold

A few months ago I had some business with an Elf at Flame Crest concerning some librams. While standing and haggling with him about the insane amount of money he asked, I hear a parrot croaking.
What was that? This parrot, Opus his name, had an interesting request: He was longing for something called "Cuergo's Gold with Worm". Hmm.. what could that be? I made a mental note and went on my travels. Days later while in Tanaris, I hear some pirates mumbling about a treasure a guy named Cuergo burried. After some "soft" interrogation they handed me a treasure map!!

The map asked me search for some kind of landmark. Being the curious explorer I am, it did not take me long to find the place marked in the map. It was at a beach far away from civilization, if you can call Gadgetzan that.

After approaching the mark i found, immediately i got attacked by some pirates who obvious were after the same treasure i was. A short but intense fight occured.

Sadly I did not find the thing Opus was after. I found a drink that tasted after tequila called "Cuergo's Gold". But after drinking it, i could confirm... no worm in it. But i did not gave up, were interrogating pirates and haggling with shady dealers to get more pieces of this map. It was a long and tedious quest i set myself on. I think in the meantime i lifted around 30 treasures, but no success. Then just yesterday the change: I got it!

With shaking hands i was holding it like a holy grail. About to uncover one of the urban mysteries you hear ol' folks talking about in some battered tavern... Immediately I took a gryphon to find the waiting bird. To make a long story short: There is no secret quest. The attitude of the damn parrot does not change towards you, absolutely nothing is happening. Well done Blizzard. :(

Crossing out one mystery from my list, i already headed out to hunt the next one down. Stay tuned for more urban legends time will reveal. I'm on it. *wink*


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