Saturday, April 07, 2007

Medivh's Journal

So half of Karazhan is full with books, i wonder how long it would take to read them all? Months? Years? One of the most important books inside Karazhan is Medivh's Journal tho. The questline will allow you to summon Nightbane at the end. As we recently killed Aran and could seize the journal, I started to work on the final steps of the quest. Only one quick run into heroic Shattered Halls left to be able to summon the dragon. The reward at the end is a bit .. meh, but at least the urn to summon him will stay.

Talking about books in Karazhan: Did you realized all the Sealed Tomes laying around on the floor (starts after Curator)? Between all the books some of them you can pick up, either being a trap or granting you a book with a one hour buff. As they are not BoP, everyone can just pick them up and hand them over to a class that makes best use of that buff. If you leave Karazhan, books/buffs are gone - they respawn on the floor after some time btw. The funniest is the one that turns you into a worgen when it proccs. On a sidenote, all books leave a single page in your inventory after being used. I uploaded copies of those pages:
Wrath of the Titans
Legacy of the Mountain King
Torment of the Worgen
Redemption of the Fallen

Do you use Elkano's BuffBar? If so (and you're not afraid of beta versions), there is a new beta version of ElkBuffBars out. The main improvement feature is that you can very easily add new "buff groups" (configured by blacklist/whitelist). I use this feature to eg. have a seperate group for the buffs i can maintain and my weapon procc (to get a better feeling how often it does procc). The beta works great for me and is really worth trying. For weapon proccs you could also try ProcMeter tho.
Talking about mods, the SpamSentry mod is really nice.. used it for some time now. As the filter is very agressive, you have to watch closely tho which people land on the spamlist. I had to take the trade channel of the watchlist, as regularly people ended up on the reportlist that should not be there (NO, i did not report them). But in the sum up makes reporting gold sellers much easier and less annoying for yourself.

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