Monday, April 02, 2007

Surely you would not deny an old man a replenishing drink?

We went back to Karazhan to visit our friend Aran and have a cup of tea with him. Unfortunately he went mad before we arrived, so we had to kill him. After two warm-up goes to adjust tactics slightly depended our experience from last time, we took him down without major problems the 3rd time. One of those fights, when you got the boss down, you ask yourself "What was causing trouble before?". But i still think it's a fun fight, while i can understand some people get an overload error by doing several things at the same time. We found it helped us to have one ranged attacker with a raid icon on his head running after the blizzard, that way even people with low gfx settings etc. could see it fast enough to react.

We decided to check out Medivh's Chambers afterwards, as we heard he got this huuuuuge love trap he calls his bed. As several fleshbeasts drooled on his stuff, we did not want to stay but went to visit the Prince. It's quite funny on the way, there are some doors, if you open them you get attacked immediately. In another context I'd have said "It's a trap!". We reached the prince quickly and after a very short tactical briefing engaged him... in the first go he went down to 6%. Looks very doable. In our next attempt we were really unlucky with elementals and wiped, resulting in the prince to bug. He was not attackable anymore - WTF?! The more bugs you encounter in these "already tested instances", the more you can understand eg. raid groups complaining about Serpentshrine or the Eye - asking Blizzard if they tested the buggy crap at all.

What to do? We decided to go back to the room with the Imps and keep one enslaved imp, take him with us and release/fight him next to the prince. This worked to unbug him and we could have another go. Unfortunately this whole thing took far too long, therefore we got respawns and called it a night. But we'll be back next week, really did not seem that hard at all. Maybe Tinfoil Hats will prevent him bugging out next time.

I discovered recently that my KillSalvation mod stopped working, no idea why. Therefore i installed a new one called Block Salvation for this purpose. In addition i installed a new mod called SpamSentry - Anti goldspam. This mod provides you with several filters to keep goldspam away from you and in addition provides you with a two-click possibility to report gold-sellers regardless if they whispered you or send you mail. I tested it for two days now and am satisfied with the functionality, I'll keep that one installed. If you get annoyed as well, check it out.

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At 10/4/07 19:23, Anonymous Kailash said...

Blizzard didn't bother to test the raid content at all. When I entered beta in mid November the Karazhan key could be purchased in Shattrath to allow easy access. However hardly anyone went there due to either ... *grins* ... being bugged or the people being bored of PuGs not trained in teamplay. Which then again were a result of everyone still having obligations on the live servers.
I was a member in the guild Slackjawed Daffodils counting 1000+ chars. I neither noticed more than a single raid venturing to Karazhan at a time nor anyone going to Gruul's Lair or anywhere else.


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