Sunday, April 01, 2007

Heroic Manastorm

Yesterday we went into the high-security prison Arcatraz to solve the last heroic trial (tenacity). The mission objective: to rescue Millhouse Manastorm. The trash was hitting hard as expected and the odd aggro range from Arcatraz trash needs to be adressed properly. The first boss was a joke with my shadow resist gear: I resisted around 3/4 of his shadow damage, that's even more then on Pandemonius. Our group setup was tank, healer (holy paladin), hunter, shadow priest and warlock. In the sum up we had zero problems finishing it and no wipes at any bosses. I think we sharded every single drop, even the epic dagger from Harbinger Skyriss, but got our quest done at least. As it is still possible to summon people in that can talk to Millhouse as well, we asked around and summoned some friends in to compelete the quest as well. BTW, that Millhouse guy really must be on some arcane crystal steroids.. he sure is tall for a gnome.

Now that i solved all three heroic trials, the Naaru gave me a 4th one: Trial of the Naaru: Magtheridon. That will be easy, we'll do it tomorrow. =) After the last quest you'll get the key for the Tempest Keep raid instance. Talking about attunements, did you see Blizzards easter egg for today? Check out the Black Temple Attunement chart. I thought it was very funny considering the discussion about attunement requirements recently.

I also got myself a new tanking ring: Band of Impenetrable Defenses, which is really good compared to others out there. I'm still amazed how good the Elementium Band of the Sentry is, but that one eluded me since quite a while and i did not really took the time to grind Arcatraz for it, as other upgrades were more important.



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