Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Out of Azeroth & minigames

I'll be away for a bit more then two weeks, so don't expect a lot of blog updates during that time. But heh, can't hurt to check.. maybe I'll get bored. *winks*
So you don't get bored, here is a little something to keep you busy:

Did you had any idea that there is a ton of minigames you can get as addons for WoW?!? Here is a list of the best ones:

Anzac Holdem (Poker)
Sudoku Puzzle
WoWonid (Arkanoid)
WoW Solitaire

Feel free to post your favorite minigame in the comments, should it not be in this list.

One thing concerning .gif anims i post from time to time in my blog: Please don't use a direct link if you want to use it as a forum avatar or similar. Save a local copy and upload it yourself somewhere. The dancing-gnome-paladin i had to upload several times, as the bandwidth was used up. ;)


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