Friday, July 07, 2006

Sneak Attack on Naxxramas

Well yeah, i teached those critters around the portal a lesson! :) Felt like spoiling myself today and got Thulf attuned to Naxxramas. As I'm revered with Argent Dawn, it did still cost me 1 Nexus Shard, 2 Arcanite Crystal and 30 gold... but whos counting. Atmosphere seems great... spooky creatures running around. I used a Dreamvision Elixir to take some screenshots, will post more over the coming days. Upon using the teleporter to enter, you meet Mr. Bigglesworth - a mysterious cat - in the entrance area, as well as a wounded high-elf who tells you about the legendary staff he once had. *hint hint* I shall go back if the opportunity arises and look deeper into it. There is also a second teleporter above the one when you enter, most likely some kind of shortcut to Frostwyrm or something like that. On a funny sidenote: It's true when they tell you "no one ever came back from there", the teleporter entrance is a one-way portal. Hehe...

Tomorrow the PTRs will go up again to test a bugfix patch (11.2). Nothing spectacular new, just bug fixes. Tigole talked in the forum about possible upcoming changes to improve bag space. I cleaned out my bank today to make more space for resist gear and that always hurts. So many things you bind a story to... *sniff*


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