Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Exalted with Zandalar

Finally Thulf is exalted with the Zandalar Tribe. Due to my lack of time to join many ZG raids, i decided to buy a few bijous to make the last jump. The click-fest was worse then getting to honored with TB, but well worth it. Beside a new shoulder enchant, Zandalar Signet of Might (where is the version for real tanks?), the most important purchase was the recipe for the Living Action Potion. This was the last alchemy recipe Thulf did not know. This results in a state of boredom for my trade, as there is nothing more to accomplish to improve my alchemy. I still think there should be some epic quest you can take after you learned all available recipes for your trade.

Some honorable mentions from the comic contest were posted by Blizzard. Those were my favorites:
Rules of the Rogue
Role-Players learn2play

Do you like poker? Especially Texas Hold'em? Then this addon is for you: Anzac Holdem. I posted about the Zwergenpoker mod a while ago, but that was quite beta. This one looks very promising. Still a few things to iron out, but definately something I'll try out. Perfect to drag some others into a game while you have to wait for the guy with hearthstone on cooldown to arrive at the dungeon. And if your ranged DPS goes down in the raids, it's because they just use auto-attack and try to steal the pot. ;)


At 27/7/06 13:25, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Owwww, epic alchemy recipe? I wish! I wish! There's the chop for cooking but nothing similar for alchemists...yeah. :(

Some non-consumables would be nice.

At 27/7/06 16:13, Blogger Thulf said...

They should make the tradeskills more interesting and offer more for high-end crafters. Armor & Weaponsmithing has some nice stuff, but in teh sum-up it's way too easy to get all the recipes and the high-end crafters are not really different. There should be some possibilities i can use to distance oneself from other high-end crafters. And something you can do to still improve your trade after you reached 300 and got nearly all (if not all) recipes or patterns.

I know alchemy is very well rounded yet from teh range of teh potions.. but how about we at least get some fun potions like waterwalking, stinkbombs, maybe a potion that changes skin color for a short period, dye for armor, some potions you can interact with your sourrounding, etc. Tradeskills in WoW are easy & simple (which is good), but very boring once you mastered them.

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