Friday, July 14, 2006

Savage Guard

With the rapidly dropping libram prices, it's an affordable possibility to get Savage Guard enchants from Zul'Gurub for your NR gear. I went in today to get one for my helmet. If you're lvl 60 and can survive a few hits, it's possible to get your enchants solo. With this enchant I'm up to 198 NR while still having a few options to improve it without loot from the green dragons or AQ40. Slowly getting there... ;)

You like WoW and you like Podcasts? Then maybe this website is for you:
The Battlegrounds: World of Warcraft

If you use SuperInspect like i do, and you get annoyed about the models not displaying correctly, you can hotfix it yourself until a new version is made available: Open up SuperInspect_UI.xml, search for DressUpModel twice and change both to PlayerModel.

Having a bad day and want to behave like an asshole? Well, Franky sure does have some tips for you: You are now HATED by the Argent Dawn. I thought it was a funny read although IMO that's griefing, so don't try it at home.


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