Thursday, August 03, 2006

Expansion tidbits and raiding

Many know it already, but for those that didn't... EQ is disbanding. The main reason was that we lacked people before summer & soccer already, some "oldies" left and we would have needed to recruit at least 15-20 people, meaning we'd need to go and train the community back through MC, again. Most of us did not feel up for it at this point. It's not a decision you take easily and of course it's a pitty as all who participated are great people. Maybe over the next days I'll post a longer write-up about it. So right now Thulf is looking for a new home concerning raids. I'll keep you posted how it turns out... and no, i don't intend to come back as an orc newborn.

Several tiny bits'n'pieces of information concerning WoW:BC turned up over the last days. Some are really interesting... Did you know that Blizzard announced on their guided press tour that difficulty settings can be changed for some instances in the expansion?
A new feature is the difficulty settings and the group leader can select between five modes, of "easily" to "super+heavily". Loot is also variable depending on the degree of difficulty you underatle. The harder the difficulty, the better the loot.

Most of us already assumed that the new class books from AQ20 will become obsolete when we grind to lvl 70. Also the ongoing discussion about gear confirmed that there will be improvements from lvl 70 gear compared to eg. tier 3. There are speculations going on about different types of flying mounts in the expansion, but we'll only know for certain when Blizzard releases new information about them.

If you're interested in raiding Naxx, you might enjoy this post concerning theorycraft about the Four Horsemen tactics - sounds like a nice challenge. ;)


At 9/8/06 08:47, Anonymous Ishara said...

Shame to hear about EQ disbanding :( sad when these things happen. Also you happen to be really unlucky with your class choice, as there are thousands and thousands of warriors out there at 60 looking for raiding groups :(

Whereas the rest of the group have a warrior alt!

Avid invisible reader of your blog - Ishara, rebirth

At 14/8/06 10:20, Blogger Thulf said...

Ya, it's always sad when projects you invested a lot of time and effort in don't work out. Even more when friends were involved.

To be honest, I'm very happy with my class choice - else i would have a ton of alts, which i don't. ;)
We'll see how it works out... despite the fact that WoW is no rocket science, good warriors - or better good tanks - are not *that* plentyful. So far I've the opinion good opportunity is always there... tho being tired of instances like MC limits the choices. We'll see... if it's not going as intended i could hire out my services to 45 min Baron run groups. *chuckles*

Thanks for the kind words.


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