Saturday, July 22, 2006

Spice Melange in Silithius?

The next patch 1.12 is up on the horizont. Beside world pvp making the entrance to WoW, cross-server battlegrounds, etc. etc. it looks quite ok. Although no really exciting news for me personally. One interesting thing players report from the PTRs is tho, that in Silithius lvl 63 elite sandworms were sighted from time to time (see picture), which show up on the minimap as well. Anyone else thinks about Dune here?

Did you ever thought there are emotes lacking in WoW? Now is your chance to bring your idea forward to Blizzard in this thread: /GiveEmote

Blizzard is trying to make even more money with the WoW merchandise & franchise and is serious about it. Dataminers found new spells named after Upper Deck Entertainment in the new test patch. It was confirmed the WoW TradinCard game will have rare loot-cards whith a code on them so you can get items, that will "modify your online character in some cosmetic way". The first pic of a turtle mount showed up on the net as well. hum... no thanks.

The latest "shock" about the expansion got published. Blizzard confirmed, there will be a faction-class crossover, meaning Bloodelf Paladins and Draenei Shamans. WTF? I think it's a bit lame to make this change, but most likely it will attract even more people to buy the expansion and play a new race. We'll see how it turns out concerning high-end raiding.

On a funny sidenote concerning raiding, did you realize that the Naxx boss Loatheb is an anagram of Healbot? ;)


At 23/7/06 02:30, Blogger Ril Shortstuff said...

I half expected his eyes to be blue.


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