Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Small Blog Update

Took the time to update my addon list and eg. added Natur EnemyCastBar. In addition i did finally set up my profile at ctprofiles.net. It takes a moment, as you have to add all your items, etc. by hand but the search function is very good and limits the time to find them in the dropdown menues. In the end it's less time involved for me updating it, as most character logger save everything and i don't want to transmit all the character data and delete it from the code. I did set up my tanking gear, fire, nature and shadow... maybe that will prevent some of the gear related questions i get. ;) As I don't really PvP, I'm not afraid of handing out this info. And yes, the Might boots are my personal crusade, eluding me since a looong time.
Thulf @ CTProfiles


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