Saturday, July 08, 2006

Gem Galore

Blizzard released some more official info about the jewelcrafting profession. Looks like in the expansion everyone will want to be one. ;) The socketed items remind me so much of D2, but it was fun back then as well. Although i still think all WoW crafting profession are far too easy to master. Hope they'll add some more things so you'll be able to be more distinguishable from other crafters. Talking about mastering professions, I dropped herbalsim and took enchanting for around two minutes to clean out my bank, as i really needed the space to fit all my resist gear in. With storing fire, nature and shadow resist gear in my bank, that takes away a lot of space. So if you see me riding around and collecting herbs to re-train herbalsim, give me a friendly greeting... probably I'm very bored already. *grins*


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