Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Onyxia PUG

Today i was invited to a PUG (or PUR more precise) to Onyxia. A friend asked me if i did not want to join, said it was a bunch of twinks/alts from experienced raiders plus a few real pick ups. They needed a tank. Alright, thought it could be fun to go. Once you join a PUR the raid chat is always a mess, people using caps or asking for a promote so they can invite friends (why can't they just tell the names to the raid for an invite?!?), etc. etc. Being a warrior at Onyxia if you're not tanking her is a bit boring if you have been there numerous times before. So i ask if i shall tank her, raid leaders ask if i did it before (*nods* several times, can't count them anymore). Ok, none objects... I'm supposed to tank her. I travel to her cave. While the new patch causes a few disconnects and people move into the lair, another warrior joins. Apparently the raid leaders know him better... in a matter of seconds hes being MT. Hmm.. should at least have been polite to talk with me first. Either to inquire how much experience i really have or if it's ok if he takes over as they "know him better". I consider this behaviour extremely rude. There have been enough people in the raid who know me and who could have second my "tale". I don't expect others to stand up and say "Hey, why shouldn't he tank anymore?", as i know during these raids people frankly don't really care. They want the show on the road and let the raid leaders handle it. Fine by me, but i got annoyed and needless to say i wished them luck but left the raid. Raiding surely brings out the best values in players! :)
/rant off

On a related note, it's always funny when you see non-warriors discussing what gear the tank should wear at Onyxia. Sometimes i wonder how much time people spend - or if they do at all - to analyze the fights. I don't want to go too much into numbers here, but Onyxia does more physical damage then fire damage. She does around three times more swings with physical damage (more chance for crits). If i wear my full tank gear, i avoid approx. 40% of her swing completely (miss, dodge, parry) and block another 44% of her attacks. Of course i prefer to fight her in tanking gear as it makes far more sense. Critical hits are around 0.2% that way and I'll avoid more damage as if i would fight her in FR gear. I always tanked her that way and we never had a problem with it. Nontheless amusing if someone says she has to be tanked in FR gear (which means all important stats are lower, beside FR).

Todays patch broke GetInventory in the API. What does that mean? Mods like SuperInspect etc. that had a longer range do not work properly anymore. While inspect range will get doubled in 1.12 it's really annoying now that inspect is so short, after half of the involved functions got "stealth nurfed". Really too bad.. being a fashion interested, it's always great to check out nice combinations others wear. bummer.


At 12/7/06 19:03, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The joy of PUGs...haha. :)

About the inspect, I was never a fan of the SuperInspect or w/e all those addons were called, I think the give an unfair advantage in battlegrounds etc (like engineering trinkets, pvp trinket and so on).

At 12/7/06 20:31, Blogger Thulf said...

I assume that's why they changed it now. Althought it is still working.. somehow. You can hover over "invisible items" and still see them. They'll completely fix it with the next patch. For me it would be enough if the mod would cache the items. Usually it's not the range important for me, but that i can click on someone running past and look at his clothes without time pressure. Call it curious with a sense of fashion.. hehe. ;)

At 14/7/06 20:08, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah that is true, but over time you probably recognize most things anyway.


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