Monday, August 07, 2006

killin' these slack-jawed daffodils

Where do you go if your sword-arm feels a bit "rusty"? Exactly, to your trainer. Where do you go if he can't teach you anything anymore? You try to find a better trainer. Who could be a better sparring partner then Instructor Razuvious in Naxxramas? Therefore I joined Suicidal Noobs yesterday evening for a quick trip of training... Naxx itself is a really fun place! Even the trash mobs can be tough bastards and require something more then auto-attack. Especially the undead Knights on skeletal horses are fun. The Razuvious fight itself is ok, but quite easy to execute... a lot depends on your priests. The sparring itself was short and the Instructor learned quickly that his students surpassed him. Nice to see that hes wearing the full Icebane (plate frost resist) set... a unique coloring.

If you look at the picture, you can see the raid icons overlapping the gfx. I should search for a way to make clean screenshots and maybe not display them for a short moment. When i find the time, I'll look into the .lua and see if that's possible. Talking about the raid icons, i recently had more opportunity to test them and if you have a good team of eg. warriors it can be very useful to pick targets and to make chaotic fights more structured. I added LuckyCharms - Raid Icons to my mod list. It will give you a small bar (you have to scale it down) to choose the icons from, much faster then the standard drop-down during the fight.

The next boss on our list was Anub'Rekhan, a huge bug in the spider wing. This fight is long and hard work. The concept of the fight is great tho: If someone dies small scarabs spawn from his corpse, if too many die... you'll have a hard time to keep them off your clothies. So i ended up chasing scarabs for 15+ minutes. The whole fight asks a lot of concentration from all, but when you make it the victory is even better. Needless to say he was squished. Did i mentioned it's long and hard work? ;)

In the sum up i definately enjoyed a finally new challenge in Naxx and had a good time. It also gave me the possibility to test a new boss mod, La Vendetta Boss Mods (Naxxramas, Ahn'Qiraj and Blackwing Lair). As CT is not updating the boss mods eg. for Naxx that fast and lacks a few features, i thought it is time to test something new in addition. I have to say that i like these boss mods and the possibilities much better then the CT ones, can only recommend them.

Yesterday I also bought myself a new gun, a Silithid Husked Launcher. Beside the +10 sta, which is great for a tank, this gun has a very unique look... like a small bug. In addition, when you shoot, a small pink clowd and sparkles come out of the gun - looks really unique. This one has to do until i get my hands on a Dragonbreath Hand Cannon. :)

To the navigation to the right i added two more things: A link to Hogit's Edge of Madness Calendar, that shows which boss is currently spawning in the Edge of Madness. I also added BuyEmAll from Cogwheel. For something like this i was searching since some time. The addon allows you to buy more then the stacksize at a vendor in one go and it doesn't matter if it's stacks at the vendor already. Buying 30 potions in one go? No problem anymore. Great mod!


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