Monday, August 14, 2006

It takes twentyfive to tango

The closer the expansion comes for WoW, the more tidbits are getting released to keep the crowd hooked. It looks more and more like the changes to the instance sizes, etc. will be even better then we expected a few month back. Recent articles at 1up and IGN reveal the focus on 5, 10 and epic 25 player dungeons. Eyonix confirms this news in the official forum as well. To me that sounds great! Due to the recent events, it became even more obvious how hard it s to keep a core of 40 ppl together. With the changes fr WoW:BC also smaller groups will have a chance for epic (talking about the challenge!) content. And i don't know about you, but I always enjoyed smaller groups more, as more depends on the individual and fun is greater. Although the expansion will for sure become a logistic challenge for existing raid groups. People will want to level to 70 and if the new epic dungeons are capped at 25, how to organize the raids? Maybe have two groups competing against each other? Only time will tell how to cope with these changes.
There is also news about flying mounts and changes to PvP found, go and read the above articles.

Eyonix also confirmed the change for the expansion the debuff limit is being increased from 16 to 40. Some communities, like we did in EQ, put a lot of effort in working around the debuff limit, as Blizzard didn't make any visible progress with their debuff priority system. Does this news mean they couldn't fix it and just increased the debuff slots? *shrugs*


At 16/8/06 05:26, Anonymous Ril said...

Bored huh? ;)

At 16/8/06 10:05, Blogger Thulf said...

Not really its rather stressy, sooo... shush, back to work. ;)

At 18/8/06 17:13, Anonymous Salmons said...

You're bored allright! *giggles*

At 21/8/06 15:46, Anonymous Ishara said...

It could be that all these new debuff slots means that we will be seeing a lot more debuffs in the later levels!

Like...deep wounds rank VII >.>

At 22/8/06 09:15, Anonymous Ril said...

Or more Lock debuffs! Yarrr!


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