Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Take your orphan for a walk...

Blizzard fucked up the servers with the last patch it seems - huge lag spikes and random disconnects are common to ruin our raiding evenings. I never saw so many disconnects before then during our last night in BWL. After getting disconnected myself while tanking Ragnaros earlier, we got the torch to 20% before sons. Without the disconnects, we might have even been able to kill him before sons. So while the servers are acting strange, what to do? Exactly, you remember after a look at the Events Calendar, it's Children's Week. Do a good deed and take your orphan for a walk. After i rode ahead on my epic mount for a while, the small guy got in the travel mood and we travelled all over Azeroth. And sheeeeesh, hes a fast runner. ;)

With the E3 going on in LA, news about patch 1.11 and the expansion are leaking in more and more. The pic above shows the new tier 3 armor set for the warrior. Looks darn nice! The stats shown are from the breastplate from this set. Looks like WoW China was too quick again and they had the news up for nearly a day before they took them down again. Finally there will be a use for high reputation with Argent Dawn and the Hydraxian Waterlords, as you can get the new recipes for Frost Resistance gear from them. More pics and infos about the new tier 3 you can find at and WoW Guru.

The biggest news from the E3 so far is the revealing of the new alliance race for the expansion. It will be the Draenei. Being descended from the Eredar, they have tendrils hanging beneath the chin. Kaplan said in an interview with the NY Times we'll be able to modify those in the character creation screen. Hmm.. who else thinks of SWG here?


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