Tuesday, May 02, 2006

GM tickets unavailable

You must be fucking kidding me... I've no problem with labor day resulting in no GMs being around, although i think an international operating company should be able to come up with a solution. BUT, why does this annoying pop-up has to show up every time you zone?!? YES, i *know* no tickets. If it would have been available, i would have send in a ticket about pop-up harassment.

As I have now more time to play at hand, I'm back into exploring new areas. There are still a few places Thulf has not been to, be it public or hidden. I should contact some old "climbing friends" and see what they are up to these days. Nothing more fun then a picnic in a place that's away from all the trouble and other people to relax and enjoy yourself. And no, I'm not talking about those people just stepping up the hills in Elwynn Forrest cybering. ;)

Tismet started a Argent Dawn (EU) Content Wiki that slowly starts to fill. Interesting idea, we'll see how it further develops. Since i came back i hear about a lot of personal changes in some raid guilds/communities... seems like some burn-outs and drama going on - will have to catch up with the news. It's always nice to be informed what the status on other communities is. And we all know, back in the days everything was more shiny & happy. Following my earlier rant about challenge in instances, and reading about Dungeon and Raid Update, it seems Karazhan might become my new home in the expansion. Might exactly be what I'm looking for... or not. We'll see. Right now Thulf is a bit bored - beside exploring, there is nothing to do solo for him when he has an hour on his own. Looks like I've to find a new hobby. Maybe this will push me to go back in RP a bit more, i have to confess i culpable neglected it for quite a while.


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