Monday, April 17, 2006

C'Thun - Ancient God and Monster

Since no raid killed C'Thun yet, there are a lot of myths spreading around about what exactly is happening and how to kill him. The guilds working the hardest on him are also the ones being close-lipped about their attempts on him. I recently talked to a friend being in one of those guilds and even I had to choke when i heard how much time and gold those guys spend on beating his tentacle-butt. If you enjoyed all the rumours about the search for Ashbringer, you'll like this forum thread about the C'Thun fight and a connection to the AQ Scepter. There is also an interesting post about some Titans vs. Old Gods Lore from Seraphi. The picture to the left shows a map of the Outlands, as i did not want to bore you with more C'Thun pics.

Recently a larger discussion started about how mods slow down your loading times when you enter a new instance. This is cause by a) bad programmed mods and b) the way how Blizzards API handles the updates. Rumours say in patch 1.11 Blizzard will improve the loading times by updating their scripts. If you want to improve your loading times before then, read the interesting post by Tigerheart: How-to reduce zone times! which started the discussion. Meanwhile there are several mods that are supposed to help you reducing the loading times, the most promising ones IMO is Catalyst. I had no time to test it yet tho.

Alright, before the Blood storms come, it's time to go and check my dwarven matrix...


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