Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Zandalar adventures

As you might have realized, updates have been sporadic. I'm quite busy atm and don't have that much time to play. Nontheless I'll try to keep you updated from time to time. The picture shows us during one of our recent Zandalar reputation adventures. We started to go to Zul'Gurub with 5-6 people and kill trash mobs for reputation when we were bored and could not gather 20 for AQ20 or a real Z'G run. These kind of trips are way more fun then just grinding something else.
Our last visit to Ragnaros with Equilibrium (EQ) was a breeze again, down in the first try with 36 people... we did put the stamp "Farm Status" on Ragnaros butt. Been there seen that, moving on. ;) I managed to get myself Legplates of Wrath. Now i got head and legs and it's time to farm Zul'Gurub enchants again... until i got two again, I'll stick to my might parts which are enchanted.

Did you follow the news how bold Blizzard is trying to keep everybody away from doing any business connected to WoW? If not, you should definately read those two articles...
'Warcraft' maker sued for blocking sales of unofficial guide and
This Means Warcraft!

As i wrote, friends of the Bloodsailors can't finish the questline for the new dungeon 2 sets. Blizzard will not add additional content to the Pirates soon, but say they'll offer a way to repair your Goblin Factions in patch 1.11.

On a sidenote I got myself the new Recipe: Elixir of Greater Firepower right on patch 1.10 day, took me about one hour to farm it for myself. When will they add some more cool recipes everybody can use?!?

Any of you working on the dungeon 2 quests? I did not really started, as the items are useless for me. Maybe when I get more time and become bored, I'll do it anyway. Although it looks like some of the bosses you have to summon can drop unique new loot. Like a great tank ring Band of the Steadfast Hero (from the boss you summon in Scholomance) or the already mentioned great looking staff Lord Valthalak's Staff of Command.

Did you saw all the forum threads about the raid ID problems right after the patch? Raid IDs were messed up, resulting in the instances like MC, BWL, etc. being scheduled to reset on the wrong days. Blizzard then manually tried to hotfix this by resetting all instances during friday night prime-time play... WTF?!? I can totally understand people got *very* upset. You should have seen the thread in the general forum, so much hate. Not that i think the bad style of some is good, but who can come up with the really stupid idea to reset instances during prime-time giving 9 minutes warning ahead? I would be upset as well if i get kicked out of the instance while standing in front of Ragnaros or Nefarian. On some servers in addition Kazzak spawned every 5 minutes and the green dragons were spawning one after the other as well - needless to say that a lot of guilds exploited this bug until they got exhausted. Are the raid IDs fixed yet? Not sure.. some servers were still reporting issues, better have a close look on the locked instances you're assigned to. Bugfixes for Onyxia's deep breath went already in and Chromaggus and Ossirian will get fixed during tomorrows downtime.


At 7/4/06 19:04, Anonymous Salmons said...

Yay! New content! Nice to see you are still an active dwarf!

If you still have trouble getting people for ZG, please contact me, I have been trying to get that second primal hakkari armsplint for quite some time now...

What days are you going to ZG? ;)

At 12/4/06 16:46, Blogger Thulf said...

Right now we don't have any fixed days. As i wrote we go there with 5-6 people just to farm reputation. If we get 20 ppl we try to gather some books in AQ20 rather. Will keep you posted if i see you online Sal. ;)


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