Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Naxxramas the Necropolis

So the news are out that we'll get a new 40 player high-end raid instance with Patch 1.11. The necropolis Naxxramas floating above Eastern Plaguelands. The New York Times had an interview with Tigole at the end of January when he mentioned the new instance as well. Looking at the map to the left, the instance will be huge. Here is an even bigger picture. Tigole said the zone will be larger then the Undercity. Fortunately we'll not have to farm stupid amounts of items to open it, there will most likely be a Scourge Invasion world event, but after that the instance will be open for all. Although as it's supposed to be harder then AQ40, not that many players will probably see it. But watch out... an Eye of Naxxramas might already be watching you.

On a sidenote concerning patch 1.11, if you might have missed it, we'll finally get keyrings! That should free up some space in my bags... So add the non-consumable version of the Aqual Quintessence and patch 1.11 is definately something to look forward to.


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