Thursday, March 23, 2006

Staff of Command

You might remember the news about Lord Valthalak from the upcoming 1.10 patch. I recently saw a screenshot that shows you can get the nice looking staff as a drop. That seems to be a good incentive.. together with the interesting glow on it. Talking about glow on weapons, if you are an enchanter or just looking for a good looking enchant on your weapon, have a look at glowchart. This websites features all enchants and showcases the glow attached to them... very nicely done.

While the contests on the PTRs are running some Blizzard employees decided to have some fun. Not only did they turn the King's room in Stormwind into and odd battlefield... no, they also gave some players the battleground fun of their lifetime: Killing "dupe bugs", fighting as giants and as they needed a break they let Lord Kazzak do their dirty work. O.o

BlizzardAntics.wmv shows the part from Stormwind and afterwards some BG action. WSGCrazy.wmv shows the same BG battle but from a different perspective. In one of the videos you can also see a druid in bear form dancing on the hind legs! Maybe a new dance that will come with 1.10 as well? If you like the dance, look also at this short clip: Badger & Mushroom


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