Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Rainy Noblegarden?

Was your Noblegarden weekend as rainy as mine? Well, I was not home so i could not join in for the hunt for colored eggs... but from what i hear most players were quite disappointed about this event. Also it's getting more and more tiresome that every RL holiday gets a WoW equivalent - can't they come up with something more creative? Especially on a RP server i find it disturbing. Did you find anything beside choclate during your search for eggs? The picture shown is most likely fake, at least i could not find any confirmation, but a pet with that kind of aura would be funny.

Referring back to C'Thun, the controverse about this encounter ranges from it's just very hard and there is some trick to it, nobody found out yet, to the encounter is broken and needs to be fixed and Blizzard only uses it to keep the raiders busy until patch 1.11. The guild Death&Taxes had a very long and heated discussion (with not really nice choice of words) going and many players in that guild wanted to cancel their accounts during 14 days if no official statement towards C'Thun would be made. The thread in their forum can be found here (but they used up their bandwidth it seems). A lengthy post on the official forum also discussing the topic is here. Is there a hidden solution for the encounter or is it really just poorly (aka too hard) designed and Blizzard will just tone it down? Only time will tell...

There is a rumour spreading about the before mentioned Catalyst addon. Apparently some uninformed GM answered a ticket about this addon and said it would be illegal to use?! Tseric himself answered that of course its perfectly ok to use it and the GM was only being poorly informed (when will they fix their bad support?). With an improvement for zoning loading times between approx. 200%-300% i can't wait to try it out.


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