Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Patch Day

So patch 1.10 is hitting the servers... some new things like the weather will be interesting. I darn hope they finally fixed the teleport exploits in DM. As patch days are always a pain with the updates for all addons, etc. we decided to cancel our scheduled raid to Onyxia, not worth the hassle on a patch day. Instead I'm thinking about attending the Voodoo Lounge Party. ;) Too bad i cleaned up my quest log long ago, so the Quest Experience to Gold Conversion at Level 60 is not really useful for me. The conversion rate is supposed to be 6 copper per xp. Priests get a total revamp in this patch, you think they will still sing "I can be your healer baby.." after the patch? I definately like the ideas behind the Lightwell and the new Spirit of Redemption. Why is it the talent calculator for priests is not updated on the EU website, but only on the US one? If you look at a Comparison Report between PTR and official 1.10 notes, there are some minor tweaks. The pic shows Olvi having his first amorous tête-à-tête with Onyxia during our last raid. Well done mate!

Talking about patches, I'm delighted to hear that with patch 1.11 there will be a multi-use item replacing the Aqual Quintessence at revered with the Hydraxian Waterlords.

Recently i ran into the mysterious druid Gowin (Atrocity) who was riding his new Swift Razzashi Raptor. Talking to his guildies the stories about how he obtained the raptor are different. Some say he was wandering in Zul'Gurub alone for days, talking to plants and beasts... and when he resurfaced he had a new companion. Other say his dice got jinxed by Jin'do. ;) But it's not like hes a Warlock DJ or something. A fine mount indeed, although i assume he has to feed it a lot. I saw Isanaara has a raptor as well, that makes two on alliance side now.

See you in the next snow-storm... I'll be busy to update my addons today. =)

EDIT: As a lot of UI functions got changed there are several problems with different mods. Wowwiki has compiled a list with broken addons - this list also points to some quick hotfixes (eg. DiscordActionBars or SuperInspect) to save you the hassle of reading through all the forums. Most addons will be upgraded through the next two days tho.


At 30/3/06 17:32, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Teltalas (Insight) also has one of the horned beasty mounts.

At 31/3/06 13:19, Blogger Thulf said...

Nice.. does anyone on alliance have the undead Baron mount? I never saw it.

At 31/3/06 15:21, Anonymous Salmons said...

I was there when Gowin got his, that was nice! As far as the baron mount is concerned, I think I once saw a screen ie of a gnome (jay!) riding one. A gnome mage, playing on argent dawn, if I am not mistaken.

The picture was up on either allakhazam or thott, not sure which one it was ;)

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