Monday, March 27, 2006

BBQ in Molten Core

Equilibrium (EQ) headed down into the Core again... we were invited to a BBQ with Ragnaros. On our way to the big torch, we started to warm up against Baron Geddon. The temperature reached a cosy point and we started to have some serious fun during the fight. Did you ever apply Bouquet of Red Roses on a large boss? *chuckles*

After breezing through the rest of the Core, we visited ol' Domo again, who already had this small present chest ready for us. Needless to say he told us our friend Ragnaros already had prepared the BBQ for us. After two and a half weeks of raiding together Equilibrium took down Ragnaros on the second visit to him, in the first go! It was a very clean and good fight, only a few people down after the torch was extinguished. Great work everybody!

Of course we had to compensate the lack of epic gear for some by bringing a few drinks for the BBQ... but if he goes down so fast, you barely have time to drink all the Rumsey Rum Black Label we brought. Uuups, now i told ye our secret strategy. O.o The rum will not be BoP anymore after the next patch by the way.
But it's not like we used laser-beams or something. *wink*


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