Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Ongoing Raid Activities

Equilibrium (EQ) ventured down into the Core again. Up to Shazzrah there had been no problems... Sulfuron and Golemagg went down directly without much time to object. The first real test should be Major Domo. After the proper setup, we took him down in the 2nd try with 36 people. Taking into account that approx. 40% of the raid has never been there before, an awesome job. Ragnaros himself behaved a bit more bitchy and survived at 24%... but well, for the first visit at him with this group, not bad at all. I'm quite confident he'll surrender to us very soon. =)

Talking about raid activity, i can recommend this addon: Carnival - Raid Swapper. It will listen to a specific syntax and others can switch places in the raid themselves without the raid leader having to do it. If you work with people you trust, a neat and slim addon. Works great.

Another addon that looks very promising, tho still in beta it seems, is GBLootHelp. I could not test it yet, but will do so soon, it will make the job of the masterlooter far easier, as it will collect items to store (like cores, scarabs, etc.) automaticly.

Do you remember me talking about my Disgusting Oozeling? He (or it?) has accompanied me since and has been a grateful companion. So i decided to train him in dwarven combat ways... as hes too weak to hold an axe, there was only one way: beer battles. To my surprise, the oozeling is *very* fond of Dark Iron Ale! You throw a mug near him and he starts to guzzle it down:

So if you happen to visit the bar in BRD, bring me some... the oozeling is always thirsty. =)
Maybe i can train him for the battlegrounds... as Blizzard is still talking about cross-realm battlegrounds still being worked on, perhaps that will be an advantage then.


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