Monday, May 01, 2006

Labor Day

While it is day of the labor, guilds around the globe use the "spare time" to finally kill C'Thun. After the last nerf for him, he was killed by several guilds. European guilds were the first to kill him, as the change went live while their instances did not reset yet. Some US guilds complained about that, but this was to be expected. Although compared to before he seems to be only a cookie and not a tough cookie anymore. While balance between challenge and fun is not easy, it seems that Blizzard so far did not managed very well to do the splits right. I still remember how much fun Scholomance and Stratholme were before they got nerfed down. Even the recently added 5 player limit does not really add to the challenge. Why do all dungeons have to be possible for all players? Where is the dungeon that only skilled players can manage? Will the promised 5-10 player raid dungeons in the expansion be epic hardcore dungeons and yield some serious fun? Somehow i doubt it, or at least they will get nerfed over time. While i can understand the concept of being appealing for the masses, i still think that most dungeons became boring after they got nerfed. But maybe that's just me and a minority group. The most interesting (or shall i say fun) C'Thun loot i saw so far is the Vanquished Tentacle of C'Thun you can see in the pic summoned. Maybe the tentacle will prevent you're getting ganked by paladins. ;)


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