Monday, March 20, 2006

Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj

So finally we managed to get a raid going into the Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj (AQ20) during the weekend. It's so nice to see new content... i think we all enjoyed our first trip. What you realize immediately after the first few steps into the ruins is, that AQ is a vast place. Large rooms with enough space to fight in, you only have to be careful with the pulls. The first boss you encounter is Kurinnaxx - a scorpion-like bug. In the sum up pretty straight forward fight, you only have to be on the move all the time. Caused us not much trouble.

One other thing you realize, and of course immediately start to dislike, is the need to collect a ton of scarabs & idols if you have use for your class quest rewards. My bank is already full and i have no idea how to store all the stuff. Would i pay 200g for another bankslot, just for the convenience not to switch to a storage char? Yes i would. The second fight in AQ20 is truly an epic battle... General Rajaxx is surrounded by his army, consisting of different waves of captains and soldiers. The picture shows Lieutenant General Andorov, who still has some business with Rajaxx and he and his soldiers will assist you in the upcoming fight, that can easily take 20-30 min. depending on your mana regeneration rate. If your group is good in crowd control and does not give in to the chaos, the fight is quite easy as well. Althogh very annoying: If you wipe the whole encounter will reset and you have to fight all the waves again. It will be interesting, if the rumours are true and Blizzard will fix it so you can't keep the NPCs away from the battle against the waves. If they change it and they will join from the start it will require even more coordination to keep them alive. If you keep them all alive, you'll get a nice reputation bonus (1000 CC rep) after the fight. Andorov died on us shortly before the end.. bummer. Weak humans, what do you expect... hes not even wearing a chest armor, poor bastard.

The third boss we encountered - and you can see on the picture - was Moam. As we did not have the right class mix for ez-mode, it was a tough fight and we did not get him down. But we sure learned a lot and the next time the beginning will be cleared quite fast i think. Thulf was lucky and i won a Manual of Heroic Strike IX (increases melee damage by 157) during our trip. yay! So 1/3 completed... need to go back. On a sidenote, I'm searching for an enchanter who knows the Formula: Enchant Gloves - Threat. If you know of someone on AD who can do this, please tell me. We had a very fun night in AQ20 and I'm eager to go back and see more of that place.


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