Friday, March 17, 2006

Memory Lane

While watching the Suicidal Noobs taking a trip down memory lane, I looked through my own screenshots as well. Amazing how many memorable snapshots you find of events that already slipped your mind as they are half a year or longer gone. I found an old screenshot from Thulf being a lot younger and wearing Battleforge armor (lvl 24) - as you can see at the beard, back then in beta i was younger. *grins* When looking at "old" screenshots i always have this idea about organising an event that takes you back to places that burned into your mind. Like the Horde Runners in Loch Modan, the Dragon Narillasanz near Hillsbrad and many more. Those should make a nice pilgrimage back into the ol' days... one day we should visit the memories still haunting us.

Talking about "clothes", i installed a new addon called UndressButton. And NO, it's not as kinky as it sounds... but fun nontheless. The mod adds a "reset" button to your dressing room. Finally a way to try on eg. new shirts without having to strip down your armor first, etc. As for the kinky part, you can also dress your target now. Always wanted to see that stubborn paladin in a pink dress? Here you go... ;)

You might remember me ranting about exploits that caused the DM books and the Ace of Warlords to flood the auction house? Yeah right, Blizzard fixed it? Hmmm.. on some servers the ace is still at 4g !! If you watch this video about a well known teleport hack, we can really hope Blizzard takes the thumb out of their butts and get's started on fixing this stuff. I know they do work on those things, but it takes them forever to investigate and close loopholes - until then the economy is already screwed.


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