Monday, March 13, 2006

Shirt Galore

I recently ventured into Scholomance to brew a "few" Flask of the Titans, always a good investment for a tank. While having some fun, as i haven't been there since forever, I remembered the Butcher has this special shirt. As soon as i mentioned it, he goes down and drops Sawbones Shirt. O.o Talking about the devil...
Chew was so nice to pass on it for me. yay! Afterwards we went into BRD to help some working on their FR gear. We realize one of us does not have the BRD key yet. Ok, we go after Fineous Darkvire... and he drops for me the Master Builder's Shirt. YAY! So finally my shirt collection is complete, as i recently also acquired a Sleeveless T-Shirt.

Yesterday we went down into Molten Core for the first time with our new raid community Equilibrium (EQ). We had a great night - all of us were amazed by the fantastic performance: All bosses up to Shazzrah down in the first try, well Magmadar was in the second. As we had a bunch of people with us who have never been in the Core before, a great job! Looks very promising and I'm quite sure we'll be back in BWL quicker then i thought. The picture shows us celebrating our successful raid in Bruuk's Corner. (What you don't see is the Doomguard Margajuh brought seconds later, after he asked some random people if they could help him summon a "friend". *chuckles*)

A video showed up with a Dancing Blood Elf Male. Looks like they will increase the polygon count in the expansion. But seriously, doesn't this dance reminds you of.. something?!? Another short clip with some dancing and emotes from Blood Elves you can find here.
This morning i ran into someone in Ironforge riding the Swift Zulian Tiger. Not bad, but not exciting either. I don't like those sabers...


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