Thursday, March 16, 2006

Pirate Punishment

While the questline for the dungeon 2 sets take you across Azeroth, players complain that atm the tier 0.5 is unavailable to pirates. You remember those players getting their reputation with Booty Bay down, to gain favour with the Stranglethorn local pirates? Exactly, apparently the Bloodsailor Admirals can't talk to one of the quest givers. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, read Yarrr!, An Adventures of Neriad. You are able to obtain the Bloodsail Admiral's Hat, which can summon a Blood Parrot. But as we can see with the questline for the dungeon 2 set, Blizzard is not really paying attention to the pirates. Same goes for the fishing tournament if I'm right, pirates can't talk to the quest giver. In my opinion they should invest some time to create a new quest/vendor hub at the pirate base. Right now, you can't do anything else and only for that hat, I'm not sure if it's worth to destroy your faction with the goblins. It was a nice start/idea from Blizzard to add the pirate stuff, but unfortunately they never finsihed it. It's the same with the Wildhammer Clan.

The player Arving started a new project on AD, called The Voice, it's an Argent Dawn related online Newspaper. Looks very promising i definately like the idea.

Do you like mages? Do you like PvP? Then this video is for you: Nexius10MageWSG.wmv
"There be no shelter here, the frontline is everywhere." Ten Mages rocking WSG, nice pvp video. *cough* nerf mages *cough*

Concerning the upcoming changes to high-end instances, there is an interesting thread discussing the changes with a lengthy blue response from Eyonix. My favorite quote from it:"Unless of course someone threw a snowball at you while you were trying to run away from the disease cloud in Scholomance."


At 18/3/06 13:34, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Firewyr here, I've seen that video before! It is awesome esp the bit where the warrior gets caught midfield with about 6 mages around him who all cast fireball/frostbolt. And the main guy did you see him?! He has a similar build to me! See elemental builds rock!

At 19/3/06 03:03, Blogger Thulf said...

Our damage-meters during the raids say something different Fire. >.<


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