Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Since the public test realms (PTR) are buzzing with activity a lot of infos are pouring in about the changes concerning the new itemization. A lot of items in instances like BLackrock, Scholomance, etc. will be changed. In addition we'll get a few new recipes. The one interesting for us alchemists is the Elixir of Greater Firepower. It will be a random drop from one of the Dark Dwarves as far as i know. In addition we'll get new bags for herbalist, Cenarion Herb Bag (20) & Satchel of Cenarius (24), and enchanting, Enchanted Mageweave Pouch (16) & Enchanted Runecloth Bag (20), ingredients. The materials to craft those bags are quite fair, no big surprises.

Beside new items, a lot of focus lies on the new dungeon 2 (or tier 0.5) sets. WoW China released a sumup with all the stats, here is a translation. Although it is said that the sets will not be that interesting for the raiders, they will be appealing for casual gamers and some items are great for pvp. In total it is a very long a tideous questline you have to pass, including a 45 min Baron run, to finally be able to upgrade the last parts. The picture shows the final raid boss, Lord Valthalak, you have to summon in UBRS and kill, he is supposed to be a tough enough cookie. Sounds like some serious fun, doesn't it? I think it is a good idea Blizzard will limit the high-level instances and prevent those silly ez-mode class raids to Scholomance or Stratholme. Already people are bitching on the test realms they think its to hard to run those instances in a group o'five. What?!? C'mon, it was fun with a small group *before* they nerfed those instances. Stop whining! Where is the really challenging content for small groups? I know none... if we want to have fun, we run those instances with four people. When it comes to challenging content that requires skill, beside raids, WoW is just too casual. And somehow i doubt that will change in the expansion, but we'll wait and see.


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