Saturday, March 11, 2006

Major Update

Well, to make a long story short: I'm back. =)

There has been so much stuff going on during the last weeks, I'm not sure if I can update you on everything and some things you might already know.

First, and most important: I changed my raid community. All of Custodes Fati, we left the Gathering due to contrary opinions about the behaviour of some people and about how some things in general were managed. No hard feeling from my side for most that stayed behind. Some I won't miss, but i also left behind some great companions - so it was not an easy decision. I wish them all the best and hope they'll be able to overcome their issues. If you read this (and are raiding with TG), you are probably one of the peeps I'll miss. ;)

So what did we do? We started a brand new raiding community called Equilibrium, which gives me and my guildies the great opportunity to finally adventure together more again. We asked around and got a large groups of friends and friends of friends together. We're settings things up as we speak and hope we're back to full speed very soon. I'll be posting a link once we got the new portal design done.

On a sidenote, it's interesting what kind of drama a "split" like this always involves. Kind of like if a couple splits up and some friends feel like they have to "decide" which side they like now. IMO that's silly, but exactly what happened concerning the behaviour of some. But well, let's move on...


Finally the gates are open on Argent Dawn. After the drama that unfortunately happened on most realms - including large forum flamewars fueled by the usual forum trolls - we got the gong vibrating. It was saturday 10am. Perfect to take a small break and have breakfast with WoW and some bugs. ;) The server acted shaky, not as bad as on some other realms, i think we had like three crashes during the initial event (maybe more during the day). After the gates opened we gathered some people to fight some mobs that spawned in Silithius, but the lag was so bad, nearly no chance to perform melee attacks as the mob was always "out of range". So it did not make sense to stay. I kept checking back as i wanted to get a shot at the three hive quests, but most raids went straight into the instance it seemed. On AD not a single colossus went down. bummer.
The picture shows Selenia, who rang the gong, on her new legendary bug mount. The players carrying the scepters had to take a lot of bullshit before the event, so i think they deserve their bugs. :)

As i just came "back" i did not had time to adventure into AQ yet, but i intend to do that very soon.


I updated my mod section a bit, as i recently switched and changed some mods. I definately enjoy SuperInspect, especially that you can keep inspecting when the player leaves range.

The X-Fire WoW Movie contest had some great movies participating. The WoW Machinima community is astonishingly creative. I enjoy the high-quality movies people recently release. Absolutely great! Talking about Machinima i regularly visit craftingworlds (website from Tristan who created the "save the murlocs" campaign), that guy is very creative. kudos. I laughed when i watched the two parts of his "switcher" campaign. Go and have a look, it's well worth it.

Did you see the new official events calendar yet? Finally a tool to look up which side of the world the next Darkmoon Fair will be.

Because i got bugged by several people asking me "How the hell did you win that fishing contest in STV? I never make it..." I decided to post a guide about the contest soon. So keep checking back, heh! *wink*


At 12/3/06 14:41, Anonymous Salmons said...

Nice to see you're back *Winks* Had not seen pictures of the AQ mount yet, but it looks great...!

I like the name of your new community. Not sure who came up with it, but is sounds good!

Hope to read more about your little adventures here soon Thulf, leep up the good work!



At 13/3/06 13:36, Blogger Thulf said...

Concerning the community name we had a large brainstorming and a final vote in the end. With funny submissions like eg. Rat Pack. Hehe.. Ril suggested "Equity" and that gave me the idea for Equilibrium (EQ), probably because it's used in game theory and economics it rang in my ears. *chuckles*


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