Thursday, June 15, 2006

Darkmoon Fair Litter

So the Darkmoon Fair is gone again, traveling to Mulgore. When i passed by the fairground, i was stunned. They didn't even had the decency to take away the litter or burn the corpses still laying around. I darn hope the King of Stormwind included a contractual penalty clause in their arrangement. What if the litter and the corpses will spread a plague in Elwynn Forest?!?

While Blizzard updated the Argent Dawn rewards on their website for patch 1.11 already, players are complaining why everything faction/reputation related has to be such an endless grind. Eno said that they want to overhaul the way faction works in the expansion, as they never polished the system since beta. About time i would say!

Do you remember the adventures of Neriad becoming an Admiral of the Bloodsail fleet? Well, he is back and checked out the new Bloodsailor content: YARRR, Part II


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