Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Winter is coming

Despite the up and down for the PTR servers, some guilds advance deeper into new content. Sometimes with exploits that are fixed quickly after, but the result is more tidbits of informations showing up. As it looks now, you'll be able to gather the new scourge shoulder enchants from the dragon (Frost Wyrm) Sapphiron (maybe also from Kel'Thuzad?) as epic drops. If you want to see a short video featuring Kel'Thuzad and Sapphiron click on the picture.

Another interesting story - although i start to believe it when i see more proof - is a korean player who entered the Scarlet Monestary with the Corrupted Ashbringer equipped and triggered a new event, which points towards the Outlands and a lost son from Morgrain.

Reading through the patch notes for the 1.11 patch again, leaves some interesting infos often overlooked:
The Repair all button on NPC's that repair will now repair all of the items that you are carrying whether you have them equipped or not.
The Group Loot/Need before Greed dialogue will now show a golden dragon border around Bind on Pickup items.
The interface event processing has been optimized while zoning.

New flight points can be found at Ratchet and Marshall's Refuge, Un'Goro Crater.
Other players will properly see the changes when you toggle the Show Helm or Show Cloak option.
Dire Maul Librams may now drop in any wing.

Blood of General Drakkisath is now a multi-drop quest item. Everyone on the quest will be able to loot the blood.
General Rajaxx encounter will be changed again: hitpoints of every creature in the encounter has been lowered, Damage of General Rajaxx has been lowered, The wait time between waves in this encounter has been shortened.

Talking about librams, you can exchange any of the three arcanums (previously used for the ZG enchants) for a nature resist enchant, which recently has been lowered down to +10 nature resist.

So while the undead winter is around the corner, we should go out and enjoy the nice weather some more. Already attendance for raids and such slows down... if people enjoy summer, it's maybe not that much a bad thing. ;)


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