Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Taming Razorgore

So finally the servers were running stable enough again to get a serious try at Razorgore. And as expected, we tamed him. After a few rounds of warming up, we took him down. In the sum up a very nice fight, which comes down to that all know what to do. For me, as a warrior, this fight is great fun... as currently we kite the mobs around. Running around with a bunch of Orcs chasing your tail.. priceless. So know we're back at Vael, which is kind of a déjà vu... as this is exactly where we left, when we were leaving TG and started our own raid community. Takes a while to train new people and gear up a community, but our progress has been great so far. Once we filled the last open slots we have, we should progress quickly into BWL. The lower picture shows Seishiro, Olvi and Thulf right before the Vael fight, when Olvi let out his battle cry. I'm very proud of all warriors in EQ, as they do a great job... and even more delighted am i that five of them are from Custodes Fati - a great warrior breed. *grins*

Since the infos about the new alliance race and the tied in lore, there is still a lot of controversy about it. Tseric tried to clarify it a bit more and confessed he made a few mistakes not looking up the "old" lore correctly. Another thing i learned from an interview with Tom Chilton is, that the Draenei did not fly spaceships, but crashed with a part of a dimension-traveling fortress called Tempest Keep they "borrowed". I still think a castle teleporting through alternate realities is utter bullshit and they should have come up with something better.

The two part interview with Chilton you can find here:
E3 interview with Tom Chilton Part I
E3 interview with Tom Chilton Part II

Reading an interview with Tyren reveals the large amount of instances Blizzard plans for the expansion. Lots of small group content sounds very promising to me. Interesting is also that he declines the rumour there will be different combination of socketed gems resulting in different boni. There will be gems that change their bonus when used together with others alike, but no random combination fiddling yet is introduced in the expansion.


At 22/5/06 14:38, Anonymous Salmons said...

Ah yes... the good old days:

Thulf: I have BA, Olvi take over!

Tank Thulf has died,
Tank Olvi has died,
Tank Ugo has died,
Tank Seishiro has died,
Tank Norrin has died.


Ok guys, corpserun and buff fast, so we can go again!

Big grats to EQ on the kill!


At 22/5/06 15:24, Anonymous Salmons said...

I should drink coffee before trolling; I somehow had the idea you killed Vael ;)

Well, probably won't be long before you do that anyway!

/afk coffee



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