Friday, May 12, 2006

E3 Video Galore

Just a quick few updates on the bits and pieces i saw from the E3. I don't have much time, so i only post you some videos. Two interestings things i heard, I'd like to mention nontheless: For one, the jewelcrafting profession will not only be able to craft rings and necklaces, but also fistweapons. So maybe finally we're getting more choices for those. Very interesting also are rumours that there will be a new talent in the warrior protection tree in the form of a stamina buff, which should be patched in before the expansion.

Interview with Community Manager Micah Whipple
E3 2006 Interview with Scott Mercer Part 1 (server might be shaky)
E3 2006 Interview Scott Mercer Part 2 (server might be shaky)

Burning Crusade E3 Trailer
Burning Crusade E3 Naxxramas Trailer

New BloodElf Dances:


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