Monday, May 22, 2006

In the Shadow of Naxxramas

With the PTRs up and players running over to see & test the new patch. New infos are pouring in. The first one, is rather sad for us warriors. The new vitality talent will not be implemented in 1.11, as the devs were not satisfied with the placement in the protection tree. The talent (5/5) looks interesting tho: Increases the maximum stamina of the warrior by 2%/4%/6%/8%/10%.
Finally the Eternal Quintessence will be available if you're revered with the Hydraxian Waterlords. I'll miss those trips to Azshara.. NOT.

The new legendary caster staff Atiesh (pic, video) is of high interest of course. Looks like you need 40 splinters (found in Naxxramas?) you can combine for the basic staff, which starts a quest when you need to find two more parts to complete it. Talking about Naxxramas, you can have a look at the new weapon models here. Looks like there is a model for a corrupted Ashbringer sword... all "ashbringer myth" fans are already speculating if you'll be able to cleanse it later on.

For all of us Midsummer friends: Seems Blizzard will add a similar event like Lunar Festival called "Midsummer Fire Festival". Same same but different.. food buffs etc. BUT a few interesting things you'll be able to obtain: Some kind of burning Shoulders (look interesting) and even more fun a pet Fire Elemental! I would have preferred one of the Core Hounds, but hehe... new pets are always nice to take up bank space. With the upcoming Keyring i should have enough space for a few more pets. ;)

The new quest hub for Argent Dawn will add tons of new quests to increase your faction with them or to obtain even new epic items. Although it seems to be the same grind (timesink) again. There will be new head/shoulder enchants for resistances as well plus more useful shoulder enchants connected to Naxxramas. The one interesting for a warrior: "Fortitude of the Scourge - Permanently adds to a shoulder slot item increased Stamina by 16 and also grants 100 armor".

Oh yes, and before i forget about it.. you'll be able to obtain a full Bloodsailor outfit (no hat tho) - that sounds fun. Talking about pirates, finally there will be quests at the Goblin towns to repair your reputation with them. You need to hand in different stacks of clothes plus vendor bought items.


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