Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The Dark Dwarves are not that "darksome"...

Yesterday we payed the scaley beast Onyxia a quick visit. Tanking her is always a lot of fun, as she is quite demanding when it comes to attention from the MT. Even tho i did not won one of her nice Onyxia Hide Backpacks, i got myself a new head piece: Helm of Wrath
Although I'm not sure how it will look after the patch 1.9 with upgraded models (yes, i saw the concept drawing about wrath), but can it get uglier them the Might one? :P

Talking about bags, I startet to gather the needed material to get myself some Bottomless Bags crafted. Fortunately i still have some core leather in my bank i could buy more or less cheap when noone used it for crafting and it was sold regularly at the AH.

On a sidenote I heard rumours about alchemists being able to buy a new transmute recipe from the Thorium Brotherhood with patch 1.9 - so i started to grind my reputation up with them, as its quite easy... you only have to fight the nightmares about Kingsblood, after collecting tons of it to help some guild mates getting their reputation up. While solving some quests for my new friends at Thorium Point, i discovered why the Dark Iron Dwarves mindless follow their leaders: It's these magic pink googles they wear. One starts to wonder, what mighty enchant affects the bearer? Lightness of Being +20? If you know the answer, tell me...


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