Friday, November 25, 2005

Paladin Army joining the Dark Side

Recently there are reports piling up about a large group of paladins joining the dark side. Riding on black Kodos and burning down your friendly neighbourhood in Elwyn Forest. *shock*
Apparently on the Testrealms running the new patch 1.9 there is a bug. If a paladin speccs for Improved SoR and uses Rank 6, *bing* he sits on a black Kodo and can ride around. *laughs*

With every new patch on the Testservers there is tons of information piling up. Looks like we'll be in for some very nice treats together with the content. Beside Warlocks getting Soulshard bags (20,24 and 28 slot), in the new Ahn'Qiraj there will be books to find that will improve skills... for the warrior this will be Heroic Strike (Rank 9), Battle Shout (Rank 7) and Revenge (Rank 6). Below you can see the new transmute for us Alchemists, i hear it will use the global cooldown for transmutes, but cooldown is only 10 minutes.

If you want to have a sneak peak at more patch 1.9 loot, follow these links:
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Loot Patch 1.9 - Page 6

On a sidenote, I got my Onyxia Scale Cloak yesterday and have to say the look goes nicely together with the Dark Iron Armor parts... the additional "scaley" look and the small glowing dots make it look somewhat special. Beside the scale from Onyxia you need for it, its dirt cheap to craft and might prove useful in BWL later. *wink*


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