Monday, November 07, 2005

Murloc Baby

Hmm... somehow these Murloc babies are cute entertainment. Let's hope Blizzard will organize an event where also the EU players can obtain one. :)


At 8/11/05 09:29, Anonymous Anonymous said...

EU players do have access to them I believe, at least when I was in the AH the other day I heard a conversation that stared pretty much like this:
((omfg, you got a murloc pet, that is so cool, how?))

Regards Firewyr

At 8/11/05 09:51, Blogger Thulf said...

Yeah, but how many EU players took a plane a joined the Blizzcon? They should create some contests where the winners can get them or something like that. That would be fun..

At 8/11/05 13:59, Anonymous Lexia said...

Ya, have to say that after I saw the dwarven chappy in Ironforge with a murloc baby beside him, my motherly instincts took over in a 'awwww, he is sooo cute!'

Totally agree Thulfie, it would be great if they could offer the murloc baby pet by a quest, drop or as you say a contest.

If I had been able to take time off work and had the money, I would have loved to go to Blizzcon. Many people I would wager on our server didn't attend the show, so to have a chap with one in ironforge with the 'activation key' dialogue is along the lines of 'look how cute he is, but you can't have it'.

So adorable. I have always had a distaste with murlocs since my early seasons, with the sound of 'mooomomoooblle' resounded around the caverns of my head, but the baby one is so adorable! It squeaks the 'momomomomoble'. Ya, I want one, no doubt about it :)

At 11/11/05 21:02, Blogger Pope said...

One of my guildies has one. Everytime I see it, I half expect to hear that awful murloc gargle sound and 238 murlocs come zerg me from 3 miles away. I hated those dang things!


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