Wednesday, November 16, 2005

"No CareBears in Outland"

"...the designers are delighted to also point out that the relative “truce” between them all will have no place on Outland."

I was just reading an article about the Burning Crusade at Computer Gaming. Beside some nice descriptions about the upcoming Dungeons, you can also read again about the Outlands being PvP on ALL servers. I'm still waiting on more info if there will be new hardcore group o'five dungeons (hope so) and how they will implement the specialization of some tradeskills like Alchemy. Right now, the tradeskills are quite boring as everybody can nearly make everything very easy. There is not much possibility to "stick out" from the crowd of crafters. I can brew all potions (beside MC and Zul'Gurub) since a looong time... what's next? Where is the tricky tradeskill part in this jump'n'run called WOW? Maybe WOW is just too "mainstream"... the expansion will show us the way.


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