Saturday, November 19, 2005

Gaining Acceptance

So finally I'm honored with the Thorium Brotherhood. To hand in the Dark Iron Residue to get from friendly to honored took me 15:29 minutes, one "tennis elbow" and 960 mouseclicks. If that's Blizzard's understanding of "memorable" moments, I can't quite agree. They should introduce a checkbox you can choose to hand in all possible material for repeatable quests or something. This way with such low amounts per hand-in, that's just plain stupid and a waste of time.

On a rant, I'm getting really annoyed about players who "block" NPCs you want to interact with by standing right "inside" of them, so you have a 50% chance of clicking the player, depending on the idle animation state. Also people that block the mailbox with their mount should think about it more. In these situation you wish for a kick emote which would kick the player in the butt and move him some steps, don't you?


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