Monday, November 07, 2005

Dreamless Sleep

Yesterdays MC run was a success item wise. I managed to upgrade from Ring of Protection to the far better Heavy Dark Iron Ring. I was waiting for this ring to drop for quite a while, 30 minutes after we found the one i won, it dropped again... bummer, it's unique. =)

I'll try to find someone to test the dwarven poker with. Apparently the addon uses its own channel, so you can play it over distance. If it's working like i hope it does, i might upload a translated version.

On a sidenote i discovered today, that the first potion you can learn from the Zandalar tribe (at friendly) is not so bad. The Greater Dreamless Sleep Potion is quite cheap to brew if you compare it with the Major Rejuvenation Potion. Of course only good in longer boss fights (like Onyxia, Garr, etc.), 'cause of the 12 sec sleep.

I added two new Addons to my list. Ani's Helm'n'Cloak Toggle provides a small icon next to your helm & cloak slot, so you can toggle visibility. I also installed the new CT_ExpenseHistory to keep track of my repair costs. I decided I'll post monthly statistics about them. This will be interesting to see, as during a MC raid i usually pay between 8g-20g on repairs, depending on the time and deaths.


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