Thursday, November 17, 2005

Shady Scale Dealers

Grinding up my reputation with the Thorium Brotherhood is going rather fast. I did not spend that much time for it yet and am already at 50% of my target rep. To reach friendly I'll have spend approx. 480x Kingsblood, 240x Incendosaur Scales and 120x Coal. A little bit less, as the quests from Thorium Point give some reputation as well, but being lvl 60 its not much. Annoying part with the scales is that the cave in the Searing Gorge is nearly the whole day camped by some shady dealers who try to sell the scales at the AH for outrageous amounts of money. Funny tho, that many seem not to see the two Incendosaurs which spawn in the lava.

On a sidenote, after trying it out for two days, I switched my shortcut back to the WoW.exe instead of that new Launcher - does not work properly with Opera anyway and is a mouse-click more.

I'm still trying to find the error that causes InternetExplorer not showing my item-links correctly (if you use IE, you'll have to reload the page again to make them work). My guess is its a conflict with the blogger php and overlib. But hey, it's working correct on all other good browsers. :P


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