Monday, November 21, 2005

Thulf is the Master Angler!

So finally i won the fishing contest in Stranglethorn Vale. Yay! It is always a very short race. Despite the fact that i have my High Test Eternium Fishing Line laying in my bank and waiting for an Arcanite Fishing Pole, I spontaneously decided to take this Hook of the Master Angler as a reward. It is just too much fun... the trinket turns you into a frenzy fish like the one to the left. The duration is infinite, you gain water breathing and plus 25% swim speed (a druid in aquatic form will still be faster), the cooldown to use the trinket again is just a few seconds. Of course i tried it out while swimming to the Hydraxian Waterlords - yeah, finally this trip is some fun. You can still keep on swimming if you get attacked, the effect does not break until you come out of the water or do something else then swimming. And yes, it does work in lava - of course i had to try that out... hehe.


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