Friday, November 18, 2005

Slag Pit bye-bye

Hah! This morning i managed to find the cave with the Incendosaurs all deserted and could farm all the scales i need. Slag Pit bye-bye... Been there, seen that, never going back! So now it's just a small amount of Kingsblood or Iron Bars left and I'm done with my TB reputation grind.

Yesterday we payed Ragnaros another visit, not much news here. But after seriously testing my fire resist gear, i can say that with 363 FR (buffed) I absorb 70% of his fire damage while tanking him... not bad at all.

Back to the Murloc topic, I visited the Save the Murlocs campaign. Great stuff! Head over and watch the trailer and reports from the Blizzcon... For a fast download for the movies better use the mirror from wowguru.
On an interesting note, the murloc campaign has started an art contest where you can win your own murloc pet, " actual orphan, unlike the ones farmed by blizzard for blizzcon." like they say.


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