Saturday, November 05, 2005


Don't you just hate it, if people only whipser you "hi" or "hello"... forcing you to ask them what's going on or how you can help them? Same goes for people asking in chat channels "Thulf?" instead of just asking their question and attaching your name, if it's aimed at you.
/rant off

Above you can see how my character looks like right now, I'll update it if there are significant visual upgrades. *grins*

Useless WOW fact of the day: Did you know that apparently Finkle's Lava Dredger does not start to glow if you enchant it?


At 8/11/05 09:32, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So how do you get the moving avatar of your own char?

Regards Firewyr

At 8/11/05 17:39, Blogger Thulf said...

Different programs/steps and some manual time. Basicly i use a modelanimation tool to show a "clean" animation, then a screen recording tool to record it and then work on the .gif anim by hand. Takes in total maybe 15 min. depending on the anim. If I find the time, I might post some more detailed instructions in a blog post in the near future.


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