Friday, November 04, 2005

Presence of Might

Currently I try to get my hands on a Punctured Voodoo Doll (two would be better tho), as I'm trying to assemble the Zul'Gurub enchants for my warrior. I hear other classes complain about the new enchants, but for a tank, its great: Presence of Might. If i can obtain two of them, that would give me beside the +20 stamina (already have it through the "ordinary" librams) additional +14 defense and +30 Shield Block value. Not bad at all, especially after the defense nerf. I had a hard time climbing above 400 defense again after that, especially as the might set has not that much defense anymore. *sigh* I have all the needed ingredients, just miss a voodoo doll. Luckily I was adventuring with great people in Zul'Gurub, who realized the Primal Hakkari Aegis is needed for their revered quest with the Zandalar Tribe, which can take a while to reach, and i can turn it in already, being friendly with them. Thanks again guys!
So while I'm searching in the Trade channel in IF, the only whipsers i get are people asking me what the doll does, where to obtain it, etc. Seems like at least some secrets the trolls in Zul'Gurub are trying hard to keep.


At 4/11/05 18:29, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey! Thulf owns a blog! Quite odd for a dwarf... :P

Just wanted to say hello



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